New Beginnings!

Wow… my first blog post for Clutter Interrupted. I’m so excited to be taking this blog on the next part of it’s journey. For more information about me, head over to the About page. As for now, I think I’ll just dive in. :)

I love almost everything about organizing. I love reading about organizing – blogs, magazine articles, even entire books. I love watching shows about organizing (Hoarders anyone?). I love thinking about organizing, daydreaming at work, “Hmmm… What should I declutter/organize when I get home?” I love making lists of areas in my home to organize – kitchen, under bathroom sinks, laundry room cabinets, and on and on and on.

So what is it about organizing that I maybe don’t love so much? Actually organizing! Well, that’s not entirely true – I love seeing before and after pictures, and I especially love living in the “after”. Clear spaces lead to clear minds for both me and my husband and that’s a wonderful, priceless feeling. I even love the beginning of the organizing project – I’m motivated, excited, totally determined to accomplish the task at hand.

Then, somehow, usually a short time later, I would begin to feel overwhelmed. I’d wonder, “Why did I even start decluttering/organizing this?” It began to feel like too much. I would come across something and think, “I don’t even know where to put this!” After a few minutes, I’d get discouraged, but still manage to pull out some things to throw away, maybe one or two things to donate, and then just put everything back. While there was less at the end than when I started, the area I had worked on was far from done, and even further from being organized.

Now don’t get me wrong… I have successfully decluttered and organized spaces and it’s been so worth the effort. It really does make life easier to live in a space where everything has a home, clutter is minimal if not completely non-existent, and our family can enjoy just being home and being together. However, ever since our twins came along 18 months ago, the house has slipped way down the list of priorities. Most horizontal surfaces began collecting anything and everything: mail, too-small baby clothes, baby toys, books, and so. much. more. And don’t even get me started on laundry. If it wasn’t piled in our master closet waiting to be washed, it was piled on our guest bed waiting to be folded.

In short, the house was pretty out of control. Then, this past March, we decided to sell our home! It happened somewhat quickly after going to an open house “just to look”. Mmm hmm… kind of like going to an animal shelter, “just to look”. :) After looking around and lots of discussion, my husband and I decided we’d like to be in a better school district for our munchkins. So rather quickly, we rented a personal storage unit (the kind that gets delivered right to your front door) and packed up everything that we didn’t need in an effort to stage our home. As we packed, we started to declutter. I was determined to not pack anything that we would not want in our new home, wherever that may be. However, as time went by and energy waned, eventually we just packed everything. And just a couple weeks ago, our house did sell and we had to have the house empty in pretty much one weekend. So in addition to the 16 foot storage unit, we filled a 20 foot moving truck and unloaded that in my parents’ garage (thank you, Mom and Dad!).

And that’s where we are now. We’ve just closed on our new home and will be moving in this week. My hope is to share with you all the random boxes, with no labels, and all the general craziness that comes along with moving and organizing, with two small children, while both my husband and I work full time, while trying to keep our sanity and sense of humor all at the same time. So glad you’re here for the journey! And if you have any moving/unpacking tips, I’d love to hear! The last time I moved, it was from an apartment to a house. Going from one house to another, with two little ones in tow, is a totally different ballgame!


Fresh flowers for our new home. :)

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