Hello Aug-… I mean, September!

Hello, and goodbye August, and hello September! I can’t believe the whole month of August went by without a single blog post. I suppose that means I’ve been busy around the house doing all sorts of blog-worthy projects – and that’s partly true. Between unpacking, decluttering, organizing, decorating, and being mommy to my sweet 21 month old twins, wife to my handsome husband, oh, and working full time, I still wish I had made more time to write and document our adventures here on the blog. Well that’s my goal for this month and beyond: to spend at least ten minutes a day writing, brainstorming, and otherwise cultivating this wonderful community here at Clutter Interrupted.

While our home has come together amazingly well in a short period of time, there are pockets of, well, craziness that need some love and attention. There is still no shortage of moving boxes, except now they are the ones filled with miscellaneous things that we just couldn’t NOT pack. :) Over the course of this month, I will be tackling an area of my home each week and sharing my progress with you all here. Here’s my list:

  1. Master bedroom/bathroom
  2. Office
  3. Linen Cabinet
  4. Bonus room

My project for this week is to work on our master bedroom. We’ve spent most of the last month getting the kitchen, kids’ rooms, and living areas set up, since that’s where we spend the majority of our time. And really, it’s way too easy to close the master bedroom door and pretend it doesn’t exist. At least until bedtime, when I go in there and sigh deeply at the total disarray it’s in. The picture below really doesn’t do it justice.


And the master bathroom is in good shape – it just needs a bit more unpacking. So, I’m determined to make this a peaceful and welcoming room for me and my husband. A place where we don’t trip over shoes or walk around piles of clothes. It’s time to claim this space as ours and make it our happy place. My to-do list is:

  • Find a home for my shoes and put them away
  • Put away clothes
  • Unpack last two bathroom boxes
  • Hang wall decor

Throughout the week I’ll be posting progress pics on Instagram so be sure to follow along there, and I’ll be back Sunday with an “after” post. Hopefully there will be a difference! :) Are there any areas in your home that have been overlooked that could use some love this month? I’d love to hear!

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